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Right Angle Aran is a coming together of innovation and
pragmatism. Every family is unique and so are its needs.
We understand this and try to address this with our
unique design approach. Customers can design their
own villa at Aran. Our able and experienced architects
handhold them with the design process. Strategically
located and spread over 1.75 acres of land and housing
just 32 custom designed villas, an abode in Aran is exciting.
Right Angle Infra has been formed to provide
customers with housing solutions that are
close to nature. We find ways to keep residents
of our projects connected with the natural environment.
We handpick lands for development that are strategically
located and where ecologically sustainable development
is possible. We try our best to strike a balance between
the available environment and the created environment.

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Our Services

Premium Building Specification

TMT Structure

Brick Work

Outer walls :

9" wire cut red bricks / 8” thick Porotherm HP blocks

Inner walls :

4.5" wire cut red bricks/ 4” thick Porotherm HP blocks

Outer plastering :

in cement mortar 1:4 ratio

Inner plastering :

Gyproc by Saint-Gobain / JK



Flooring & Dadoing



Sports Complex

Swimming Pool

A perfect place to unwind after a busy work day and also a perfect spot for good
physical activity on a holiday. The swimming pool at Aran is a perfect place to spend time.

Indoor Badminton Court

For all those who want to start the day with a brisk game, our badminton court is a blessing.
Any weather condition does not play spoil sport as the court is a covered one.


We wish for good health of our clients and that reflects in our projects. We have a
state-of-the-art gym within the community so that you exercise at a time
you prefer.

Multipurpose Hall

For those who believe in celebrating every occasion we just made it easier. For all small
gatherings you can always use the multipurpose hall within the community which comes
along with a mini kitchen and dining hall.


Hydroponic Terrace Garden

We wanted to do more than just planting trees inside the project and hydroponic farming is a result of that thinking. In every villa we provide a demarked area in the terrace for cultivation of vegetables thru hydroponic farming. It’s easy, it’s healthy and it’s interesting
as well.

Hassle Free Water Management

At Aran every villa comes with an exclusive borewell. The borewell motor
is fitted with an automatic water level controller and switches on once the
water level in the over head tank reduces below a set desired level and
switches off once the tank is filled up to a preset maximum level.
The rainwater collected in the terrace area is channeled into the
scientifically designed rainwater harvesting pit. The RWH pit is strategically placed near the borewell to facilitate better recharge.

The sewage lines from the villas are taken and connected to the sewage
treatment plant. This ensures that the ground water does not get
contaminated. The treated water is used for gardening of the common
area which lessens the burden on the borewell.

Children’s Play Area

Even the smallest members of your family get our biggest attention. To make their
childhood a joy filled one we have a dedicated children’s play area with some play equipment.

CCTV Surveillance

We go an extra mile to ensure the well being and safety of the residents of our project.
Entry points, exit points, roads and common amenities are under CCTV surveillance 24 X 7.


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Right Angle Infra

No. 1/73, RVR Towers, 5th Floor,
3rd Main Road, AA Block,
Shanthi Colony, Anna Nagar,
Chennai – 600 040.

Aran Chennai

ARAN, Karanai Main Road, Ottiyampakkam, Off Old Mahabalipuram Road, Chennai – 600 073.
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